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AWSome stuff, but not really, it’s more like rAWSignal or nAWSombody else should figure out AWS Lambda Team: Daniel Moyer

Data Driven Ontology

This is a text mining project that uses automatic web scraping of relevant literature given terms of interest from the Cognitive Atlas (Poldrack et al., 2011). It includes a few tools from natural language processing to analyse and visualize the resulting corpus of literature. Contributors: Tom Donoghue, Ayala Allon, Basak Kilic, Eric Reavis, Mengya Xhiang, […]

fMRI Avalanches

A Python package for doing point process analyses on fMRI data. Built at Neurohackweek 2017 by: Asier Erramuzpe Jessica Dafflon Dan Lurie Brian Roach

KIDS: Building an ABIDE Classifier

Flexible script(s) development for easy model building Give us: CSV file with Subject IDs and Labels We’ll give you: Trained model(s) Performance metrics Predictions NIfTI weight maps Scikit learn implementations of whole-brain classifiers Template system that can be used by others to incorporate additional models Easy to “drop into” cloud-computing analysis frameworks (or use locally)

Neuroimaging Widgets

This provides easy and general wrappers to display interactive widgets that visualize standard-format neuroimaging data, using new functions and standard functions from other libraries.