2022 Lectures

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Breakout session

As a part of NeuroHackademy 2022, Melanie Ganz-Benjaminsen (University of Copenhagen), Taylor Salo (Florida International University), and Ariel Rokem (UW) provided a breakout session on BIDS and Liberty Hamilton (UT Austin) introduced receptive fields/encoding models.

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Deep learning

This lecture will introduce PyTorch, a common machine learning library, and will demonstrate the use of PyTorch to develop a multi-layered neural network.  

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Git from Scratch

In this lecture we will learn why git is important in data science, how to use git via its command line interface, and how to configure git to interact with GitHub.

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Introduction to Python: the Basics

This lecture will provide a ground-up introduction to Python. We will discuss Jupyter notebooks and how to use the JupyterHub, Python variables and types, and basic Python operations.